what to expect and how to get ready for it!

Joining one of our Glacier Walk and Ice Cave Tour and being able to step into an ice cave that only very few people will ever set foot into, is an experience that will stay with you forever.

A glacier holds many ancient secrets, that can be witnessed best by exploring ice caves and getting a look at the ice from the inside.

On our Ice Cave and Glacier Hike Tour we go on an adventure to the first and only glacial cave in East Greenland open for tourists. And since we are the only company operating tours to this beautiful destination, we usually have the cave all to ourselves.

In order for you to feel as prepared as possible and to know what you are getting yourself into we put together a handy guide that will allow you to know exactly what to expect when you head out to this adventure of a lifetime!

WHERE THE ADVENTURE BEGINS Every year from 1st of July until the 20th of September we are taking people on an unforgettable 4-5 hour long trip that includes hiking on a glacier and visiting one of the most breath-taking ice caves we have ever come across.

During this time, we have daily departures in the morning and afternoon starting from Tasiilaq and Kulusuk.

Getting to the ice cave requires a boat trip, that lasts either 20 minutes if the starting harbour is Kulusuk or 40 minutes if you decide to leave from Tasiilaq.


The boat ride is an amazing way to start the trip and really a whole experience in itself! As we make our way to the glacier we pass beautiful fjords, navigate our way through icebergs that make their way to the open sea in the most incredible and fascinating shapes and colours and even have the chance to witness some of Greenlands spectacular wildlife! Humpback whales and fin whales are some of the magnificent creatures we encounter most often. Sometimes we meet curious seals along the way and when we get lucky, we even get to see orcas! The view of the glacier as we get closer is like something from a postcard. In the front we see the area of the glacier that connects into the ocean. This is the so-called calving area. Big chunks of ice break of from here and become the very same ice bergs we pass on the way. When the timing is right, we might get to witness one of these calvings happening in front of us. Always from a save distance of course ;)

Our trusted, local boat driver is then going to drop us off next to the edge of the glacier.

HIKING ON A GLACIER Now it’s about to get serious! The glacier is calling and it is time to put on all the equipment that we will need in order to continue the rest of the way. This includes Crampons and a helmet that are provided by us.

If you have never been on a glacier before or have never used or even seen crampons in your life, don’t worry – This tour is made in a way that does not require any prior experience or knowledge about walking on a glacier. You are in excellent hands. Your experienced guide will walk you successfully through the process of putting the crampons correctly on your shoes and give you a briefing regarding safety.

After that you are ready to explore one of Greenland’s magnificent glaciers! Getting to the ice cave involves an easy walk across the glacier that takes around 30 minutes.

30 minutes in which we have plenty of time to safely discover some of the unique features glaciers have to offer. We will come across breath-taking crevasses, deep moulins and many interesting shapes and forms of ice that are formed by meltwater.


The highlight of this tour is going to be the moment when you step from the outside world into what we decided to call the Blue Whale Cave.

Making your way into an ice cave, having the “normal” light from behind you becoming weaker with every step and slowly submerging into this mesmerizing world of blue, really feels like you just walked through a portal and entered another planet.

Once we are in the ice cave you have plenty of time to lose yourself in this magical place. Exploring all the features, looking at ancient air bubbles that are thousand of years old, feeling the smoothness of the ice under your hand and taking in all the incredible ways the blue light gets scattered and reflected in endless shades of blue and green is an overwhelmingly beautiful and humbling experience. While you are there you will also learn about some of the secrets and stories that the ice keeps and hear about how much the glaciers in this area have been changing over the years.

BACK TO REALITY From one highlight we will now make our way to another one!

After having time to really take in everything our Ice Cave has to offer, it’s time to make our way back to standing on top of the ice. Before making our way back to our boat we will venture a bit further onto th