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Explore the only ice cave found in whole Greenland, ice climbing, iceberg cruising, taste some Greenlandic food, fishing, dog feeding, Kulusuk culture walk.

Whats included:

8h guided tour, boat, glacier gear, dog food, taste of Greenlandic food, a special traditional present for each guest!

What to bring:

Good clothings, hiking boots


9.30 am; 8h long trip

Number of guests:

1 min, 6 max

Total price 

29.500 dkk

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Explore the only ice cave discovered in whole Greenland


Feed Greenlandic dogs and learn about traditions

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Cruise around big icebergs and its incredible shapes


Taste some Greenlandic food: cured salmon, seal...



We start The epic day by the peer of Kulusuk or Tasiilaq (depending where you are staying) at 9.30am. After showing you with a map the plan of the day, we start sailing with our authentic motor boat from our local trusted hunter from Kulusuk, Lars Bianco. 

The ride towards the glacier Apusiaii can be between 20 to 45 minutes, depending where we start the trip (20 min from Kulusuk). Along the way we will see many drifted icebergs from far away glaciers, brought by currents and storms from up to 200 km farther north. We will take time to cruise slowly around some of them to ensure the best pictures and memories of these floating giants. 

Once we arrive by the glacier front we will enjoy the stunning view of the 20-30 meter tall wall of ice that calves on the ocean in a theatre shape of 500 meters semicircle. 

We will safely land the boat nearby and you will get some equipment to explore the glacier from our guide after some safety briefing. 

The glacier walk with harness, helmet, crampons and ice axe is very easy level but we will keep it fun by exploring with you a more exciting part of the glacier with cool crevasse formation where if you want you will be able to learn and practice ice climbing with incredible views! 

After this exciting hike we will head to one of the best highlight of this epic day: the exploration of the only ice cave discovered in whole Greenland! We are very proud of being the first company to have discovered this incredible hidden treasure and be able to share this magical place with you. 

After spending enough time in the cave (usually 40 minutes) we will head back down to the boat. But before getting into the boat we will have a taste of the local Greenlandic food. We are happy to share with you whatever we find available with the help of our community of hunters of Kulusuk: dried seal, cured arctic char or salmon, mattak of narwhale, berries and edible flowers are some of the delicacy that are going to be on the menu. We will include some bread, cheese, salami, coffee and tea to fill up the stomach for a good lunch.

After the lunch break with incredible glacier calving views we will go on the boat for the next highlight! This time we will sail 10 minutes towards a good bay where we usually go fishing and let you try to catch some cods.  

When we get enough cods to feed the pack of Greenlandic dogs of our hunter, we will head to a small island where he keep them free to roam around and learn how to feed them and hear some hunting stories.

After this incredible experience we will start our way back towards the town where we started the trip, taking the time needed to appreciate once more the majesty of some of those iconic icebergs that we find on our way back. 

At arrival, we would like to share with each guest a special traditional present as a surprise which we can guarantee it will become another highlight of your day! 

Contact us, if you also want to have an EPIC day in Greenland!

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