We offer recreational courses and professional courses both in Iceland and Greenland. Big part of guiding is sharing the passion for the natural environment of Glaciers to other people in a safe and professional way. Teaching is for us a big pleasure and duty to form k...

Nunatak is a greenlandic word and a special term in glaciology. Every nunatak is a mountain peak surrounded by glacier ice, so you can imagine that in Greenland, the biggest ice cap of the Northern hemisphere, there are countless nunataks. Nunataks are linked to the gl...

!!Get ready for a blue beauty that might shock even the computer pixels!! 

This adventure will bring you in a hidden and rare gem of East Greenland. As everybody knows glaciers are melting and as they melt a lot of water runs through the ice and it makes huge forma...

Ice climbing can be done in many places and on many glaciers. In East Greenland no matter which glacier we go, it is guaranteed that we will be the only people on the entire glacier as we are the only glacier guiding company operating in East Greenland. 

From these phot...

In August 2018 our lead guide Nicco participated in the travel documentary of the famous actor of Game Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, for the fans known as Jamie Lannister.

In this episode of his travel around Greenland you will see the ice cave exploration of...

Last summer our team helped this Greenlandic artist to make this project possible: vertical dancing inside an ice cave! 

A film by Maliina Jensen & Carlo Cupaiolo in collaboration 

Video on vimeo click here.

All our guides are working most of the year in Iceland as glacier guides, where weather conditions can be very extreme and an easy glacier hike can turn into a challenge. 

In Greenland, the reality is very different. On top of challenging weather conditions, East G...

Nunatak adventures is the first guiding company of Greenland to organize ice caves tours. The company is located in East Greenland, Kulusuk. Since 2015 their guides are looking for ice caves in the area and so far they have found two that are stable and safe to visit i...

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