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We offer recreational courses and professional courses both in Iceland and Greenland. Big part of guiding is sharing the passion for the natural environment of Glaciers to other people in a safe and professional way. Teaching is for us a big pleasure and duty to form knowledgeable and skilled guides that can share the same passion and preservation for this fragile environment that we are thankful to call "our office".​

In Iceland, we offer a wide range of levels stating from the very basic Glacier guiding skills where the hard skills of rope work and some soft skills of glaciology are thought. Hard ice 1 guide course or Jökla 1 is the first of three courses to become a fully certified glacier guide in Iceland under the standards of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG).

After taking Jökla 1 and working for while for a company you might consider taking a preparation course, the Workshop hard ice 2 & 3. During this three days course you'll learn more advanced skills and repeat rope work so that you will show up more confident to your next exam or to your next day at work.

In East Greenland, we offer a basic Mountain skills course, where the basics of travelling on a snow covered glaciers are covered; and the Advanced Hard ice & Alpine course where we put our focus specially on the snow covered glacier and alpine techniques of roping up and the advanced hard skills of hard ice to be able to evaluate and find a safe way through any glacier we will go.

Check out our link to see which course you are interested in and let us know be sending en email at

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