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Ice cave tours in East Greenland

Nunatak adventures is the first guiding company of Greenland to organize ice caves tours. The company is located in East Greenland, Kulusuk. Since 2015 their guides are looking for ice caves in the area and so far they have found two that are stable and safe to visit in summer time.

Let's talk a little about ice caves: there are mainly two kinds of glacier ice caves. Some are formed from the water that flows on the surface of the ice that eventually would dig a hole in the ice and form a cave. These features are properly called glacier moulins. These kind are strongly affected by melting, so usually they don't last for more than few months.

The other kind of ice caves are formed by rivers going inside glaciers from the side or coming out from the front of the glaciers. These kinds usually last longer, up to years, as they will be reactivated seasonally.

The beauty of ice caves is that it's a place in constant change and every day the same cave can appear differently because it's affected by the amount of sunlight passing trough the ice, making the experience of exploring an ice cave unique!

The guides from Nunatak adventures are always scouting for more ice caves to show you, making sure that everyone would have the best experience.

Come in East Greenland and join an adventure inside an ice cave with Nunatak adventures.

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