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Big part of guiding is sharing the passion for the natural environment of Glaciers to other people in a safe and professional way. Teaching is for us a big pleasure and duty to form knowledgeable and skilled guides that can share the same passion and preservation for this fragile environment that we are thankful to call it "our office". Our instructor are qualified from the Association of the Icelandic Mountain Guides.

As we take this profession very serious, even if the Icelandic standards are for now valid just in Iceland, we want to form very skilled and professional guides, so we offer a wide range of levels starting from the very basic Glacier guiding skills where the hard skills of rope work and some soft skills of glaciology are thought. 

Hard ice 1 guide course or Jökla 1 is the first of three courses to become a fully certified glacier guide in Iceland under the standards of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG).

Contact the Association of Iceland Mountain Guides for this professional course,

For students that have completed the Hard Ice course Jokla 1 and want to step up and learn more rope work and gain confidence on challenging terrain we offer a 3 day course, Hard Ice Workshop. The goal of this workshop if to gain confidence guiding in challenging terrain, prepare yourself for future assessment like Jokla 2 or 3; we will cover how to make a presentation to other students about topics covered in Jokla 3; how to read the weather, and lots of rope techniques for ascending or pulling someone out of a crevasse, as well as ice climbing rescue techniques and how to make fix lines.

In Iceland we offer also a Mountaineering 101 course where you learn how to travel on snow covered glaciers and reach few of the most iconic peaks of Iceland, like the famous volcano Eyjafjallajokull or the highest peak Hvannadalshnjúkur. The course spreads over 5 days and cover topics like navigation on snow covered glaciers, expedition planning, crevasse rescue, winter camping. 

If you are interested in learning the basic of crevasse rescue or refresh them, we offer a weekend course over 2 full days on Crevasse rescue techniques. Learn the rope skills needed to self rescue yourself or how to pull somebody out of a crevasse. 


In winter time we offer the introduction to Avalanche course over two days.

In East Greenland, we offer the Advanced Hard ice & Alpine course where we put our focus especially on the snow covered glacier and alpine techniques of roping up and the advanced hard skills of hard ice to be able to evaluate and find a safe way through any glacier we will go. We will teach as well some short roping techniques.

hard ice course

Hard Ice courses


Glacier guiding skills

Next dates: 

27 - 29th September 2024

13-15th March 2025

During this 3-days course you will gain the foundations of rope work, building experience on crampons and the use of the gear that one day will be of your daily use. 

The course is the first step to take if you have outdoor experience but want to learn how to safely go on a glacier or as a requirement for Hard Ice course. 


Crevasse rescue

Next dates:

October 2024

or on request, min 3 people

Learn the rope skills on how to self rescue yourself or how to pull someone from a crevasse over two days course.

This course is meant for anyone who want to learn something new in rope skills and for someone who need to refresh those techniques.


Workshop Hard Ice

Next dates: 

contact us

This course is built for guides already working in the Icelandic industry as glacier guides and want to learn new skills or simply get more confident before signing up for the next exam.

During these three days we will cover all hard skills needed to know to show up more confident at to the next exam of Jökla 2 or Jökla 3.

Mountaineering courses


Mountaineering 101 - Iceland

Next dates: 

21-25th May 2025

28th-1st June 2025

The main goal of this recreational course is to teach you the mountain skills needed for you to enjoy the mountains in a safe environment. You will learn how to travel on a snow covered glacier and together we will reach few epic summits of Iceland.


Alpine course


Next dates:

14th - 22nd July 2025

26th August - 2nd September 2025

This is a recreational course of 8 days spent in remote fjords and mountains of East Greenland, where you will learn many skills needed to safely move in the mountains. 

It covers many topics such: advanced navigation on glaciated terrain, crevasse extraction, weather forecast, glaciology, wilderness camping, short roping... 

Avalanche course


Avalanche course

Next dates: 

TBA 2024

Three day basic/intermediate course on avalanche theory, risk assessment and partner rescue from avalanches.



Next dates:

TBA 2024

Þriggja daga námskeið þar sem farið er í snjóflóðafræði, hættumat, fyrstu hjálp og felagabjörgunar úr snjóflóðum.

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