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Ice climbing and Ice cave

Description of the tour

If you want to get the once in a lifetime chance of experiencing the surreal feeling of standing inside a naturally formed ice cave on a remote glacier in beautiful Greenland, walk on a glacier and get the extra portion of adrenaline by trying yourself in some ice climbing- this tour is for you!


Made for everybody, including people stepping on a glacier and seeing crampons + ice climbing axes for the first time in their lives, this tour gives you everything our Ice Cave+ Glacier Walk offers and additionally includes an introduction to the exciting sport of ice climbing.

On this tour the maximum number is 6 people. 
Our guides are able to personalize each tour and adjust the difficulty level of the climb based on what fits best for the group as a whole.


This 4-5 hour long tour starts either in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq, where you will meet your qualified guide and local boat driver.
From there we have a beautiful 40 minute long (from Tasiilaq) or 20 minute long (from Kulusuk) boat ride ahead of us.

While we make our way over the ocean, we will have the chance to see beautiful fjords, mountain ranges and ice bergs and maybe even witness some of Greenland’s spectacular wildlife! If we are lucky, we might stumble across humpback whales, fin whales, seals or even orcas along the way.

Once our local boat driver drops us off, your qualified guide will introduce you to your safety equipment. This includes helmets, harnesses and crampons.

Your guide will then safely lead you on the glacier.
The view on the glacier is spectacular and during the easy 30-minute walk it takes to reach the ice cave you will have plenty of time to explore its amazing features like moulins and crevasses.


Once at the cave you will have more than enough time to lose yourself in this surreal world of blue and take in all of its incredible details. Usually, we spend around 30 minutes in the cave.
Since we are the only company operating tours to this cave, we usually have the cave and the glacier completely to ourselves which makes the experience even more special.

Either on the way to the cave or on the way back to the boat, your guide will find a safe place for you to finally get your hands on the ice climbing axes.

After setting up the anchor, your guide will introduce you to the basics of ice climbing, teach you the best technique and then lower you on a rope into a crevasse! 
After that it is your time to shine and try to use what you have just learned and climb your way back out to the rest of your group. 
If you want, you will have the chance to do this multiple times. We want to make sure you get the most out of the experience and give you the chance to get a feeling for the technique and have the chance to even improve a little bit.

The feeling of literally hanging inside of a crevasse is hard to put into words and offers a unique perspective of the ice you have been walking on so far. 

Once your arms are tired, we will make our way back to the boat that is going to bring us back to Kulusuk/ Tasiilaq. 
On the way back we will get another chance to look for more wildlife and take in the beautiful surroundings.

This 4-5 hour long trip is the perfect combination of thrilling adventure and easy exploration of an mesmerizing ice cave and offers half a day of creating memories that will stay with you for forever.


If you are interested in learning more about what to expect and how to be as prepared as possible for this adventure, we put together a complete and more detailed guide about our Ice Cave + Glacier Hike Tour for you here.

And if you want to find out more about ice caves and all the astonishing information glaciers hold or learn about how the cave we visit is formed, check out our blog about ice caves here!


Meeting location:

Tasiilaq harbor or Kulusuk harbor

Departure time:

10 am 


4 hours


From 1st of July until 20th of September


Suitable for everybody 

Number of guests:

Min 2 - max 6

Price per person:

2.700 dkk + 500 dkk if from Tasiilaq

Want to make it private? Click here


Certified guide


Glacier equipment for the climbing

What to bring:

Hiking boots with ankle support

Warm clothing

Rain gear (depending the weather of the day)

Price per person: 2.700 dkk
+ 500 dkk pp if from Tasiilaq

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