Nunatak Adventures is the first glacier guiding company in East Greenland, based in Kulusuk. This company is born from the passion for glaciers and a fascination for the culture of East Greenland. 

We focus all our trips on glacier activities and mountaineering: easy walks and exploring ice caves, glacier hikes on the Greenlandic Ice cap, different levels of ice climbing and summit trips to peaks surrounded by glaciers, called nunataks. 

We want to show you and discover with you new untouched wild areas and unnamed mountains.

What we offer is for someone who wants the real wilderness, ready to challenge yourself in places where you will feel really small and where the explore word has still a meaning.

Come to East Greenland with us and you will get your untouched wilderness experience! 

The conditions to get to the glaciers of Greenland require great skills of sailing and years of experience in such a rough environment. That's why all our transportation is provided with the collaboration of the locals.

The two founders of this company have much experience in the glacier guiding field, taking all the certifications through the Search and Rescue Team of Iceland (ICE-SAR), the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG), NOLS Wilderness Medicine and private courses with IFMGA mountain guides (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association). 

The biggest passion of the founders is to explore and live by the glaciers, as if they were their second home.  

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