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Nunatak Adventures is the first glacier guiding company in East Greenland, based in Kulusuk. This company is born from the passion for glaciers and a fascination for the culture of East Greenland. 

We focus all our trips on glacier activities and mountaineering: easy walks and exploring ice caves, glacier hikes on the Greenlandic Ice cap, different levels of ice climbing and summit trips to peaks surrounded by glaciers, called nunataks. 


We want to show you and discover with you new untouched wild areas and unnamed mountains.

What we offer is for someone who wants the real wilderness, ready to challenge yourself in places where you will feel really small and where the explore word has still a meaning.

Come to East Greenland with us and you will get your untouched wilderness experience! 


Our Name:

Nunatak is a Greenlandic word and is a common glaciological term that refers to a mountain peak not covered by ice and surrounded by glaciers. The most popular areas in the world to see a nunatak are Greenland and Antarctica, the two biggest Ice caps on the Planet.

Very often nunataks have very sharp peaks because they have been carved by the glaciers for centuries. In Greenland, where its immense mass of ice slowly but constantly flows towards the oceans, the process of shaping mountains is happening every day. 

The conditions to get to the glaciers of Greenland require great skills of sailing and years of experience in such a rough environment. That's why all our transportation is provided with the collaboration of the locals.

The biggest passion of the founders is to explore and live by the glaciers, as if they were their second home.  

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Our Team

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Niccoló Segreto

Co-owner & Lead guide

AIMG Instructor 
pine trekking and Hard Ice Guide

Nicco is very passionate about glaciers and exploring untouched and wild areas. Greenland offers all he wants, so he's always going to be excited to bring you to unforgettable places of East Greenland! 

He started his carrier as a glacier guide in Iceland in 2015 where he took course and exams with the Association of the Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG) and private courses in the Alps and Patagonia.

He is a certified glacier guide, alpine trekking guide  and Instructor in the AIMG. 

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Páll Ágúst Þórarinsson

Co-owner & Guide

AIMG assistant alpine trekking and hard ice guide

Palli is a geophysicist and works as a meteorologist / weather forecaster at the Icelandic Meteorological Office in the off season.

He is a member of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR), where he specializes in first aid and mountain rescue. He took courses in AIMG glacier guide training program and in the ICE-SAR school before he worked with Nicco and then later joined him to start a company in East Greenland.

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Piotr Dera


AIMG aspirant glacier guide

Piotr is passionate about glaciers, mountains and the wilderness of East Greenland. Ever since he first set a foot on Greenlandic land, he knew this was a place to return to! He loves being outdoors in any form, exploring new places and is always ready for new challenges. He will take you on a great adventure, share his enthusiasm and knowledge with you! One of his favourite things to do is taking photos while doing what he loves.

Piotr is a certified glacier guide with the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides and holds a Wilderness First Responder certificate from NOLS. 

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