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Hike & Fly Expedition

Are you a paraglider of Hike & Fly and want to fly in Greenland?

Join our new trip flying from remote peaks of East Greenland.  Day trips from our hut to different locations every day.

Other adventures included like dogsled, ice climbing, glacier exploration and ice cave tour for down days or to combine with flying days.

To reach the launching spot we will use snowshoes or crampons depending conditions. Depending the level of the group the ascent can be more or less challenging.

What is included: 

- guide (paraglider pilot)

- pick up and drop off at Kulusuk airport

- dogsled to and from the hut

- all food during expedition

- 3 night in our home in Kulusuk

- 4 nights in mountain hut

- glacier gear (read gear list below)

- snowshoes if needed

What to bring: 

- tickets to and from Greenland

- personal travel Insurrance 

- personal gear, check our gear list below

- your glide, harness and reserve parachute 

Dates: 3 - 10th April 2025; contact us if you would have different dates in mind.

Participants: min 2, max 4.

Price: 2.590 euro per person

Contact us for inquiry 





- arrival in Kulusuk 18:15
- guide briefing of the expedition and gear check at our base
- dinner in Kulusuk and taste of some Greenlandic food


- first Hike & fly on Kulusuk island via adventure climb (many routes available)
- culture walk in the village of Kulusuk
- feeding the dogs experience 
- pack our gear for multiday trip to the hut


- Dogsled trip to our hut
- every day picking a new area to explore and fly from
(up to 800 meters vertical decent)
- glacier hike 
- ice climbing practice 
- ice cave exploration (if accessible)


-arrival in Kulusuk on 9th afternoon
- dinner in Kulusuk house

- pack and transfer to the airport on 10th for the flight 18:45


expected temperatures between -10/+3 °C

  • Sleeping bag (comfort approx -10°C)

  • Camping inflatable mattress 

  • Day Backpack (big enough to carry your glide and extra layer for the day; Exped black ice 45 for example)

  • Water bottle capacity 1.5/2L (our guide likes 1L + second one of 500ml)

  • Thermos (optional)

  • duffle bag

  • paraglide + harness + reserve




  • 2-3 Base layer T-shirt (no cotton)

  • Sweater or fleece mid layer 

  • Base layer pants (light, could be used as pajama)

  • Hiking pants (temp. between -10 and +3°C)

  • Waterproof Pants (Gore-Tex or similar)

  • Waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex or similar)

  • Warm jacket (puffy down or synthetic)

  • Ski goggles 

  • hiking poles (recommended) 

  • Hiking boots (B2, half or ¾ stiff; ankle support, above the ankle)

  • Comfortable shoes for time spent in and around the hut 

  • Cap and hat

  • 2 pairs of gloves (one pair thin and one pair thick)

  • Sunglasses (cat.3 or 4)

  • Sun cream 

  • Personal kit (tooth paste, tooth brush…)

  • Power bank for personal equipment (phone, camera, drone)



  • Harness 

  • Helmet

  • Crampons

  • Ice axe

  • Foam mattress

  • Cooking stove 

  • Expedition food

  • Heating gas for the hut

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