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Nunatak summit trip

Nunatak is a greenlandic word and a special term in glaciology. Every nunatak is a mountain peak surrounded by glacier ice, so you can imagine that in Greenland, the biggest Ice cap of the Northern hemisphere, there are countless numbers of nunataks. Nunataks are linked to the global worming topic as well: as the ice melts, the thickness is redused and new peaks are "rising" from the ice sheet. The East coast of Greenland is the region of most mountains, where many are still unnamed and unclimbed.

We offer the possibility to climb nunataks that fits to your level and experience the feeling of real exploration, climbing a mountain with no name and where no previous climber has ever stood before!

It is this concept that inspired us to get this name for our company, Nunatak adventures.

Check our page and plan your next adventure to reach the top of an unnamed peak!

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