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Guiding in East Greenland

All our guides are working most of the year in Iceland as glacier guides, where weather conditions can be very extreme and an easy glacier hike can turn into a challenge.

In Greenland, the reality is very different. On top of challenging weather conditions, East Greenland is a polar bear region. It is rare to see any bears but it definitely adds another risk during any activity of the area. In addition to that in case of an accident the closest hospital where you would get full medical care is at 800 km distance, in Iceland.

All our guides are well aware of these conditions and trained with extensive knowledge of wilderness medicine and training in shooting with shotgun in Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland.

In the backpack of our guides you would find an extensive first aid kit, a shotgun, an emergency shelter, a satellite phone and all gear necessary to do a crevasse rescue.

We are proud to work with professional guides that will make sure to give to our guest the best experience possible, done with high level of safety, knowledge and professionalism.

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