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Terms and conditions:


All our activities are priced in Danish Krona. 


All cancellations need to be made by email. If it is received before 24h the departure of the booked trip, the full payment will be refund.

If it is sent within 24h, full price will be charged.

You can reschedule your trip with no additional costs.

Nunatak Adventures takes the right to cancel a trip due to weather or other causes with short notice. In this case all payment will be refund. 


We are strongly recommending all guests to have insurance.


Nunatak Adventures disclaims responsibility for any accidents or schedule changes caused by weather, strikes or any irregularities beyond control of Nunatak Adventures. The client must pay all medical costs arising during tours.  

Operating in remote places of East Greenland requires a big level of awareness. For us, operating on Greenlandic glaciers and dealing with natural hazards, this level needs to be constantly present.  

The Company will not be liable for any accidents due to the client's negligence or to natural causes beyond control of the Company. Nunatak Adventures shall not be liable for any illness, injury or loss of life sustained on any trip, except where such illness, injury or loss of life is caused by the negligence of the company or its employees.

By agreeing to these booking conditions, you acknowledge these hazards and your acceptance of the associated risks.

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