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About us

Nunatak Adventures is the first glacier guiding company in East Greenland and it's based in Kulusuk. This company is born from the passion for glaciers and a fascination for the culture of East Greenland. 

East Greenland is one of the most remote and wild places left on Earth, still full of unnamed mountains, where you reach your locations by boat and you realize that the word explore has still a full meaning. Our goal is to explore untouched places of East Greenland, where potentially no person has ever step before.

We focus all our trips on glacier activities and mountaineering trips: easy walks on glaciers exploring ice caves, glacier hikes on the Ice cap of Greenland, different levels of ice climbing and summit trips to peaks surrounded by glaciers, called indeed nunataks. 

Come to East Greenland with us and you will get the untouched wilderness experience!