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    Ice cave

    01/07 - 15/09

    Level: easy

    Explore the hidden treasure from underneath the glacier! A turquoise gem and an easy activity to do from Kulusuk or Tasiilaq...

    Price 1900 DKK

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    Ice cap hike

    01/07 - 15/09

    Level: easy

    Explore the edge of the gigantic ice cap of Greenland, the biggest mass of ice of the northern hemisphere.

    Price 2800 DKK

  • Glacier walk

    All year

    Level: easy

    Explore the wonders of the glaciers, learn about this beautiful and yet fragile environment.


    Price 100 euro

  • 5h Glacier hike

    All year

    Level: moderate

    Spend half day on the ice, explore every feature and learn along the way about this frozen world...

    Price 150 euro

Special offers

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    01/07 - 15/09

    Explore the wild fjords, glaciers and mountains of East Greenland! We will bring you to the places where only few people have ever been stepping on...

  • Icelandic summits

    01/02 - 30/10

    Reach the peaks of the most iconic summits of Iceland. Challenge yourself into this adventure!

  • Courses

    All year

    We offer a variety of courses, both recreational and professional. Our most popular are Hard Ice 1, Mountaineering 101 and Avalanche course.

  • Custom trips

    01/07 - 15/09

    Do you need assistance in building the ultimate adventure in East Greenland? 

    Contact us for further information, together we can build the perfect one for you!

About us

Nunatak Adventures is the first glacier guiding company in East Greenland and it's based in Kulusuk. This company is born from the passion for glaciers and a fascination for the local culture. 

East Greenland is one of the most remote and wild places left on Earth, still full of unnamed mountains, where you reach your locations by boat and you realize that the word explore still has meaning. Our goal is to explore untouched places, where potentially no person has ever step before.

We focus on glacier activities and mountaineering trips: easy glacier walks, exploring ice caves, longer hikes on the Greenland Ice Cap, ice climbing, and summit trips to peaks surrounded by glaciers, called indeed Nunataks. 

Come to East Greenland with us and you will get the untouched wilderness experience! 

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