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Alpine Greenland
8 days course 


14th - 22nd July 2025

26th Aug - 2nd Sept 2025

The main goal of this recreational course is to teach you the mountain skills needed for you to enjoy the mountains in the future with friends in a safe environment.

What is included:

- 8 full days guided course thought by a member of the AIMG glacier guide and alpine certified guide

- transportation by boat to reach the wild area of the course

- cooking gear (such as stove, pots, gas)

- 2 nights in our remote hut 

- one night in our Kulusuk house

- expedition tents

- polar bear protection

- sat phone 

- a document at the end of the course to be added on your CV


What to bring: gear list

Participants: max 4

Price: 1.950 euro per person


Topics covered in the course

- advanced rope management techniques

- ice anchor and snow anchors

- crevasse rescue practice and rope work (in different scenarios)

- hard ice advanced terrain techniques

- snow cover glacier advanced terrain techniques

- route selection and navigation

- camping in the wilderness on a snow covered glacier

- short roping and short pitching introduction 

Location of the course

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