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Mountaineering 101

5 days course 

Skaftafell, South-East Iceland

The main goal of this recreational course is to teach you the mountain skills needed for you to enjoy the mountains in a safe environment. You will learn how to travel on a snow covered glacier and together we will reach few epic summits of Iceland.

This course will give you the good foundations to sign up for the official Falla 1 (Mountain 1) in the AIMG program.

What is included:

- 5 days guided course thought by a member of the AIMG alpine trekking guide in Skaftafell area

- a document at the end of the course to be added to your CV


Program: link here

What is not included:

- Accommodation, food and transportation

What to bring:

- click here to see the equipment list


21-25th May 2025

28th May - 1st June 2025

Participants: min 3

Ratio: 1:4 instructor : student

Pre-requirements: backpacking experience and general fitness.

Price: 118.000 ISK per person

Note: if you are working in Iceland your Union can refund the course fee. 

Topics of the course

- knowledge of the gear (slings, ice screws, crampons, ropes…)

- mountaineering knots

- rope work: rappeling / ascending

- ice anchors and snow anchors

- crevasse rescue on snow covered glacier

- glaciology and crevasse patterns on snow covered glaciers

- route selection and navigation

- camping in the wilderness on a snow covered glacier

Click here to find the detailed Program of the course.



day 1

Theory part
navigation on glaciers
crevasse rescue kit 

Practical part
mountaineering knots
rope work: distance and coil


day 2

Theory part
crevasse pattern
multi-day expeditions

Practical part
crevasse rescue on hard ice (self or another member)

day 3

Practical part

practice day on rope work
crevasse rescue all scenarios 

day 4-5

Practical part

snow anchors
glacier travel in crevassed field
camping on a glacier
crevasse rescue 
summit ascent
descent back to Skaftafell 

crevasse rescue

Crevasse rescue academy

Refresh the skills learnt during our Mountaineering course anytime you need!


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