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The goal of the expedition 

This expedition wants to pursue the true meaning of discovery and wilderness. That means that every year we have part of the expedition in a new place, new for us as well. 

During the course of 11 days, we will be changing 3 locations covering all highlights of East Greenland: glaciers, mountains and icebergs. 

This expedition is the most challenging we offer and we are proud to keep it that way. Because we want to chaise the real wilderness, summiting un-named peaks, crossing glaciers both on snow and ice covered terrain we choose to have a very limited number of participants, which makes the whole experience even more special. 

The way of travelling

It's a mountaineering expedition which means the goal is to do explore the alpine environment, being roped up when glacier travelling, trying ice climbing, summiting at least one peak along the way, camping on glaciers or with glacier views. 

The number of guests has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4; all the equipment that we provide, included the food, is to be shared between each tent member, creating a team building and shared responsibilities experience. This is the way we want to be travelling when discovering the alpine remote wilderness of Greenland; in the famous "alpine style", as light, as comfortable as possible. You can expect every day to be active 6 hours, hiking about 10 km distance and a max of 800 meters elevation gain.


If you have multiday trekking experience, camping experience, fitness good enough to carry a backpack of 12 kg for at least 4 days in a row and you are looking for a true adventure, then this is for you!​ Please reach out to further sharing your experience via email.

Itinerary 11 days Mountaineering expedition

  • Day 1

Arrival in Kulusuk 18:15

check-in in the Hotel Kulusuk 

meet your guide and discuss the itinerary in details depending sea ice and conditions.

dinner at the hotel together with your Guide.

Accommodation in Hotel Kulusuk.


  • Day 2-3-4

Pack our backpacks and gear in the morning and head by boat to Apusiaii island where we will be spending next 3 days. We will do daytrips from the hut where we will sleep, so our backpacks will be relatively light and this will prepare you for the next part of the expedition. 

In these days you will get to hike on the glacier, explore an ice cave and get used to the terrain and equipment of glacier travelling. 

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 13.07.07.png
Day 2.jpg
  • Day 5-6-7-8

We will get picked up from our hut and change location and get food refilled. The middle of the expedition is always going to be the most challenging in terms of carrying the heaviest backpacks with gear and food enough for 4 days. 

The highlights during these days are hiking on all terrains possible: rock, snow and ice. We will camp in expedition tents on untouched areas, eat expedition dry-food, travel across snow covered glaciers in a rope team, summit one or two un-named peak of the most alpine looking region of East Greenland. 

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 16.43.08.png
ice cave greenland
  • Day 9-10-11

We will change for the last time location. This time we will choose a camp spot near the drop off of the boat to make a comfortable base camp for the last part of the expedition. 

The highlight this time will be to reach an epic summit of East Greenland. Because we will have a comfortable camping spot where we don’t need to carry our bags, we will do daytrip excursions to our chosen summit or exploring one outlet glacier from the big Ice cap of Greenland. 

Day 11 is the flight day back to Iceland in the evening so we will use this last day as extra in case of bed weather. 

Below in the map it shows only an option area but it can change related to conditions and preference of the group after the middle part of the expedition.

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 16.51.50.png

What is included: 

- guide

- pick up and drop off at Kulusuk airport

- all transportation by motor boat

- all food during expedition

- one night at Hotel Kulusuk

- two nights in mountain hut

- expedition tent and cooking stove 

- glacier equipment

What to bring: 

- tickets to and from Greenland

- personal travel Insurrance 

- personal gear


5th August - 15th August


min 3, max 4


4.780 euro per person

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