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Ice cap Adventure

One of the must-do things in Greenland!

Covering an area of 1,71 million square kilometres (656,000 square miles), roughly 79% of Greenland the Greenlandic ice sheet is the largest ice mass in the Northern Hemisphere and the second largest one on our planet, only topped in its size by the Antarctic Ice sheet.

Being in Greenland offers the unique opportunity to set foot on this massive ice sheet and go for a glacier hike, exploring the beautiful features and magnificent views the glacier has to offer. 

This tour takes around 7-8 hours and is a perfect adventure to fill a whole day.

We begin our day in Tasiilaq at 9 am, starting with a beautiful boat trip to get to the glacier. 

The boat trip, which takes around 2 hours, is a unique experience itself and gives us a lot of time to really enjoy the stunning view all around us. 
We will pass beautiful fjords, mountain ranges, massive ice bergs and maybe even witness some of Greenland’s spectacular wildlife. If we are lucky, we might come across humpback whales, fin whales, seals or even orcas along the way!

Once our local boat driver drops us off and after a bit of a walk to get to the edge of the ice your qualified guide will introduce you to your safety equipment. This includes helmets and crampons.

Your guide will then safely lead you on the glacier, teaching you everything you need to know about walking on the ice.
Once you are comfortable and with the help of your guide, we will make our way through more adventurous areas. 

Passing impressive crevasses, admiring all the structures and details of the ice and enjoying the stunning view of the landscape, with ice expanding endlessly in one direction and the open ocean stretching far out to the horizon on the other side, you will have a lot of time to really take in this experience and get an idea of what people mean when they talk about “the vastness of the ice sheet”.

After around 2 hours spent on the ice we will head back to reunite with our boat driver, who will take us back to Tasiilaq. This means we will have another 2 hours navigating through ice bergs, enjoying the views and being on the lookout for more wildlife!


Please note that during the boat trip you will need warm clothes as it gets quite cold! Make sure you bring a thick, warm jacket, a hat and gloves to keep you warm.
We also recommend bringing some snack with you. We will make sure to find a nice spot on the glacier at one point to stop for a lunch break with incredible views (:


Meeting location:

Tasiilaq harbor

Departure time:

9 am


7-8 hours


From 1st of July until 20th of September


Suitable for everybody 

Number of guests:

Min. 3, max. 10


3.300 dkk per person

Want to make it private? click here


Certified guide


Glacier equipment

What to bring:

Hiking boots

Warm clothing

Rain gear (depending the weather of the day)

Snacks and water

Description of the tour

Price per person: 3.300 dkk

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