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Hard Ice 1 Guide course

Hard Ice Guiding is a four day, 40 hours course where the basics in guiding groups on hard ice are taught. 

The course is taught by AIMG standards of "Jökla 1" for those who want to work in the glacier guiding industry  in Iceland. The course is the first level of three to become a certified AIMG glacier guide. Teaching is mostly outside but with a few sessions inside before or after a day on the glacier. Minimum number of participants for the course to be held is 4 and maximum 6. 


The course covers the following topics:

  • Route selection

  • Group management

  • Communication

  • Risk management

  • Crevasse rescue

Participants must meet at least these prerequisites:

  • Have prior outdoor experience or Mountaineering 101 or Mountain skills course

  • Basic mountaineering skills (e.g. using crampons)

  • Knowledge of knots (figure of 8 and over hand on a bite, clove hitch, munter hitch)

Participants will be evaluated throughout the course and the instructor will give constructive feedback to each participant.

If participants complete the course successfully they will be eligible to apply for "Jöklaleiðsögn 2" course/test after meeting the other prerequisites found on AIMG's website.

Participants will receive more detailed info and a list of what to bring as a reply to the registration. 

Each participant is responsible for his/her accommodation and transportation during the course. Contact us for recommendations.

In case of extreme weather conditions we have the possibility of doing indoor sessions.

We offer this course in Iceland and East Greenland.

Next course is:

- March 13th to 16th 2020 in Skaftafell / Öræfi, SE Iceland

- May 6th to 9th 2020 in Skaftafell / Öræfi, SE Iceland

- May 11th to 15th 2020 in Skaftafell / Öræfi, SE Iceland


Send your registration through the form on this site.

Price is 99.000 ISK per person.

Summer 2020 in Kulusuk, East Greenland. Register your interest through the form by selecting "TBA summer 2020, Greenland" and we will be in touch with you later. This course has a different cost but "all included" set up.

  •  Why with Nunatak adventures?


We provide professional and qualified guides as instructors.  

Our instructors are very passionate about teaching about this amazing environment we work on,  some have studied Geology and Glaciology in University and then got hooked in the guiding industry, following their true passion. 

  • Why in Iceland?

The course is held in the locations where you will work as a glacier guide in the future so you will learn skills and at the same time get to know to your future "office".

  • Why in Greenland?


Doing such a course in Greenland for us is the best way to start your profession as glacier guide. In East Greenland there is no path or route to follow, so you will get used to from the beginning to use your skills of route selection, risk management and communication.