Glacier guiding skills

Glacier Guiding skills is a 3 days, 25 hours course where the basic requirements to become a glacier guide under the standards of the AIMG are built. 

The course is divided in two: the first is an introduction meeting in Reykjavik where all the glacier gear needed is described and other topics are thought, like  professionalism, knots and glaciology. 

The next two days we will head to Sólheimajokull glacier to practice the hard skills of crampons techniques, rope work of ascending and repelling from a rope and crevasse rescue is presented.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Gear and knots

  • Professionalism

  • Glaciology lecture

  • Crampons techniques

  • Ascending and repelling 

  • Crevasse rescue

Participants must meet at least these prerequisites:

  • Have prior outdoor experience 

The instructors will give constructive feedback to each participant and make a personal path of growth towards the final goal of becoming a glacier guide.

After completing this course, participants will be eligible to apply for "Hard Ice 1 guide course" (jokla 1).

Here attached you can find the gear list needed for this course. A detail program will be sent to all participants prior the course. 

Each participant is responsible for his/her accommodation and transportation during the course.

In case of extreme weather conditions we have the possibility of doing indoor sessions.


Next course is:

- 13th-15th July

- October

Send your registration through the form on this site.

Price is 54.900 ISK per person.

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